WebQuest: Roman Numerals  
  How do you calculate Roman Numerals?

The Romans used letters to represent a given quantity, but just how did they combine the letters and in what order? Are there any rules to their use? In this section you will explore several websites that will discuss how to calculate Roman Numerals, use Roman Numeral/Arabic Numeral converter, and translate numbers from Roman Numerals to Arabic and vice versa. Turn to section II. How to Calculate Roman Numerals in your activity guide and use the links below to complete the activities and answer the questions.



  • Explore this Roman Numeral Converter. Try out some numbers.

  • Transcribe the Arabic numbers into Roman Numerals.

  • Transcribe the Roman Numerals into Arabic numbers.

  • If you really feel like you have the hang of it, try out this quiz. How well did you do? If your really, really good at it, try this quiz--its much harder! You have to scroll down, its on the bottom right--Roman Numerals Test: Can you score X out of X? Give it a try!

When you are finished go on to III. Addition.