WebQuest: Roman Numerals  
  Let's Learn about Roman Numerals

This WebQuest is designed to give you an introduction to the Roman Numeral system. Roman Numerals were invented by the Romans around 500 B.C. No one knows for sure how they developed the symbols (letters) that came to represent each numeral, though there are several schools of thought on the matter. We, currently, do not use Roman Numerals very often, but they are still used in some very specfic situations.

When you are finished with this WebQuest, you will be able to :

  • identify the symbols that make up Roman Numerals and have a basic understanding of the source of each symbol
  • calculate Roman Numerals
  • translate Roman Numerals into Arabic numbers
  • translate Arabic numbers into Roman Numerals
  • add with Roman Numerals
  • subtract with Roman Numerals
  • have an appreciation of the historical value of Roman Numerals and an understanding of why they are no longer widely used.

Roman Numerals WebQuest Activity Guide
Print the activity guide before you start. It is in PDF format. Get Acrobat Reader.

Let's Get Started!
To begin with print the activity guide. The activity guide will help to structure your Quest and provide a place for you to record your learnings. Make sure you put your name on the activity guide. Then using the activity guide and the various sections of the WebQuest begin to explore for information. You might have to dig a little, so don't be discouraged if the answer doesn't just jump out at you. Each sections builds upon the others, so go through them in order. We are going to start with section I. The Numbers (or Letters).